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Kuhnhausen Metal Concepts LLC

Tube Wrap Tools

Tube Wrap Tools

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Just squeeze, and mark square cut lines! These tools aid in tubing fabrication by allowing you to quickly mark square cut lines and segment tubing in 90 degree incriminates. The tools are made as small as possible to navigate those tight areas like header primaries and roll cage nodes. Once the two ends are aligned around your tubing you know the marked cut area will generate a square face to adjoin to the next section. No more fudging joints or filling gaps with weld, get the cut right the first time! The top slit enables these tools to navigate any bend, and accommodate tubing that is not perfect on the O.D. 
*please use caution with these tools, their slim construction to fit in tight joints also makes them easy to snap. With that No warranty comes with these product(s). I suggest buying multiple units as these are a consumable product and that is reflected in the low price. Do not try to snap over tubing (or they will snap) these are made to slide over an open end.
*design and color subject to change from images.

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