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Kuhnhausen Metal Concepts LLC

Swirl Pot Transition Cutting Guides

Swirl Pot Transition Cutting Guides

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These tools help to quickly and accurately mark a cut line on 1.5” x 3” clr U-bends when creating inlet/outlet transitions for a swirl pot. Simply wrap the set around your bend, (affix with rubber band if desired) mark, remove the tools and cut. No more sketchy "holesaw in a drillpress” this process is faster and makes for a neater job. The tools also have 6 different indexing holes at 90 degree intervals for marking the length when cutting the tale for square and repeatable results.

*this product includes (2x) 3d printed halves, swirl pots and transitions used in the images are for demonstration only. 

*the color and design of these tools is subject vary from images. 

*do not grind or cut tubing inside these tools, they are for marking a cut line. Tools used in this way will be void from any warranty. 

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