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Kuhnhausen Metal Concepts LLC

Frame Table Hub Stands (5 lug)

Frame Table Hub Stands (5 lug)

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Developed for my chassis table and now available to you! These weld-it-yourself .250" HRPO chassis hub stands are built to help you securely and easily mount your 5 lug vehicle to a chassis table for fabrication. They are built to simulate a 25.5" tall tire (315/30-18) and can be shimmed up for taller tire options like 345/30-19 etc. when simulating ride height.

They will accommodate 5 lug patterns 5x4.5"- 5x4.75" - 5x5".

The base features bolt holes for (2x) 5/16" bolts on 2", 3", & 4" centers for repeatable securing.

Two Slits in the main body allow for easy toe and track width measurements while one slit in the vertical reinforcement aids in wheelbase measurements for setting up your suspension.

*To keep the price as low as possible these items will arrive drop shipped from the laser cutter. They are not welded. You will have to weld these items yourself. They come with an easy to assemble tab & slot construction ready to weld right out of the box.

*Assembly and proper alignment and welding techniques are the sole responsibility of the customer, Kuhnhausen Metal Concepts LLC accepts no responsibility for ANY damages or loss to person(s) or property caused by improper use or assembly of these components. 

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