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Kuhnhausen Metal Concepts LLC

Dual "II MUCH" Vent Cannister Mounting Bracket

Dual "II MUCH" Vent Cannister Mounting Bracket

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A simple and elegant bracket to compactly mount (2x) II-Much VSR #200024 Fuel and Differential vent canisters (Canisters not provided but sold directly via on your vehicle. This bracket can mount in either hidden configuration (canisters in front of the bolt face) or perched configuration (canisters sitting on top exposing bolt face) to accommodate your custom packaging needs. These are constructed from cold rolled .119" steel and have two tig welded gusset seams. They are shipped in a raw finish to accept your custom modification and/or finishing preferences."

Approximate dimensions of bracket: 6.25" long x 3.125" tall (bolt face) x 3.25" deep (canister mount face)

Bracket Bolt Location: 4.5" x 1.75" bolt center rectangle, (4x) 1/4" or m6 bolts accepted (Not provided), flange head bolts preferred like those offered by ARP Bolts. Take note, excessively tall bolt heads or thick washers may cause interference with canister. 1/4" tall bolt head is the maximum recommended height.

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